Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thermal Imaging Data

Electrical Connection problem
Substation Thermal scan of a hot component
Center Phase of 3 phase electrical connection showing a 50+ degree temperature rise. Possible loose or dirty connection.
Electrical connection problem
Unbalanced load. The ammonia injector heater electrical control panel wires (L) are fiberglass-wrapped insulation and have unbalanced electrical loads (C). A infrared scan after the loads were balanced (R) showed a more even temperature spread. 

Too hot to handle. A later inspection of the 66-kV/12.4-kV transformer cooling fans
clearly shows a failed fan motor.

Confusing options. This ammonia injector heater electrical control panel appears to have a blown fuse. 
 Transformer inspection. A thermogram of a 66-kV/12.4-kV transformer shows all is well during this inspection. Capture and record a baseline or footprint to compare for future inspections. 

Courtesy: City Light and Power