Thursday, March 31, 2016

WATCH :Why should you take a trip around the world? | Akis Temperidis | TEDxAlexandroupolis

It is the best book you can read and you are the author. It boosts your energy, it destroys your fears and makes you feel like a millionaire even if you are penniless. Get out of your comfort zone and be a citizen of the world! Greek overlander Akis Temperidis shares his wisdom after a 1200-day round-the-world trip.
He was born in Thessaloniki although he calls himself a citizen of the world. He travelled a lot since I was young. He always loved cars, motorcycles, adventure sports, writing and photography. He has driven and raced the best cars and bikes as well as he has flown on helicopters for radio reports.He is lucky to have met and interviewed inspiring people – astronauts, F1 drivers, car designers and olympic medalists. He fulfilled his ultimate dream, to travel around the world with his wife in a Land Rover.Now he is back in Europe with his wife Vula and their daughter Anastasia having all settled in Emilia Romagna, Italy, the Mecca of super cars, Lambrusco wine and parmesan cheese. Currently he works on a new book, writes articles for several media around the world, works as a photographer in car racing and is a consultant of Maserati press office.

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