Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ram Air Turbine (RAT)

What is a Ram Air Turbine?

• A small windmill that extracts power from the airflow
• Most common use is to provide emergency power in the event of an all-engines out failure

-->Emergency Ram Air Turbine
Purpose: provide emergency power to essential systems when all engines fail
• Hydraulic power for powered actuation of flight control surfaces
• Electric Power for flight control computers, essential instruments, radio, cockpit lighting,
windshield and pitot tube de-icing
What could cause an all-engines out condition?
• Fuel exhaustion
• Fuel contamination
• Volcanic ash damage
• Extremely heavy rain or hail
• Human error

Ram Air Turbines Save Lives!
A330 - Fuel Leak - August 24, 2001
RAT deployed and provide power  (Image: Humberta Augusto/AP)
-->Ram air turbine being in the canoe as you can see being deployed here(A380)