Friday, December 30, 2016

China claims new passive radar system can detect stealth fighter jets

China has three more important VHF/UHF anti-stealth radars.

1. Type 517M VHF radar (using half-wavelength resonance) on Type 052C destroyer[1]
2. JY-26 UHF radar (using circular polarization)[2]
-->3. YLC-8B UHF 3D radar[3]

VHF radars like the Type 517M are almost impossible to jam. Each VHF T/R module is half-a-meter or larger. A small fighter jet could only carry a few VHF T/R modules at most. A small fighter could never generate a strong enough signal to jam the huge VHF radars on a naval ship or on the ground.

UHF (ultra-high frequency) radars operate in the 10 to 100cm wavelength.

"YLC-8B – a UHF 3D radar utilising full coherent digital pulse compression and moving target detection technology. Despite its size, the antenna fold-able array is designed for automatic, rapidly deployment and recovery. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update"

Obviously, the YLC-8B UHF 3D radar can be used individually or as an interferometer in a network of two or more YLC-8B UHF 3D radars. The following chart shows the susceptibility of the F-35 to different radar wavelengths.[4]

Green = Stealthy. Difficult for a radar to detect the F-35 in that radar band and at that incoming angle.

Yellow = Partially Stealthy. A radar has a reasonable chance of detecting the F-35 in that radar band.
Red = Not Stealthy. A radar has an excellent chance of detecting the F-35 from that angle in that radar band.

Current tally of Chinese anti-stealth radars and sensors

Passive radar systems (or Passive Coherent Location aka PCL)
a. Chinese NOSS (ie. Navy Ocean Surveillance Satellite) satellite trios (interferometer)
b. China's YLC-20 passive surveillance radar (single unit or interferometer)
c. China's CETC DWL002 Passive Detection System (interferometer)

S-band radar Interferometer
d. YLC-2V S-band 3D phased array radar Interferometer (interferometer to have a chance against F-35)

-->L-band anti-stealth radar systems
e. KJ-2000 AWACS with L-band radar (single unit)
f. KJ-200 AEW&C with L-band radar (single unit)
g. YLC-2 ground-based L-band radar (single unit or interferometer)

VHF/UHF anti-stealth radar systems

h. CETC JY-27 Wide Mat VHF Band Long Range 2D Surveillance Radar (single unit or interferometer)
i. Type 517M VHF radar using half-wavelength resonance on Type 052C destroyer (single unit)
j. JY-26 UHF radar using circular polarization (single unit or interferometer)
k. YLC-8B UHF 3D radar (single unit or interferometer)