Thursday, January 12, 2017

RoBattle – A New Robot to Spearhead Combat Formations in Battle

Designed for modern ground combat, RoBattle is built to operate independently or to support manned formations with the most dangerous, extreme tasks that soldiers had to do before. Performing armed scout and advance guard, ambush and attacks that ‘stimulate the area’, or penetrate deep into contested areas, including deception (acting as a decoy), RoBattle formations are also designed to gather intelligence and surveillance covertly, and assist convoy protection.

The combat ready RoBattle has a vehicle gross weight of seven tons, including three tons of payload. The diesel powered 6×6 articulated vehicle can also use tracks for improved all-terrain mobility

Remote Weapon Station weighs only 50 kg, and includes a set of sensors enabling operations in day, night and under limited visibility conditions, providing the carrying platform advanced situationalawareness, enabling the robot torespond effectively, in few seconds to threats around it.

Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update

The RoBattle LR-3 is seen here configured with battlefield intelligence collection payload comprising ground surveillance radars and electro-optical payload. This kit operates independently from the weapon station and platform’s sensors, maintaining the platform’s autonomous control. Photo: IAI