Friday, January 13, 2017

Russian UGV Nerehta

Multifunctional modular robotic system Nerehta - combat robot, developed by Degtyarev plant together with the Russian Foundation for Advanced Studies. It is designed for reconnaissance, corrections and logistic in an environment where soldiers' lives at risk.

The robot has a modular design, i.e. equipment or weapons can be changed depending on the mission.
The main armament can be 7.62-mm PKTM or 12.7 mm Cord machine gun, as well as automatic grenade launcher. Combat unit to be equipped with a controller with following functions:

  • control rate of fire
  • control of the remaining ammunition
  • barrel overheating, etc.
  • remote reloading

Robot has electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries. To charge the batteries it has a diesel generator.
Command center of the complex possible to manage 18 robots. It can be installed on armored car. Communication range: up to 20 km.