Saturday, January 14, 2017

YAK-141 VTOL Fighter (Russian)

 Development of this aircraft began in 1975. It had to become the first supersonic aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability. In addition it should have had weapons and radar, equal to those of the frontline fighters. It is worth mentioning, that Yakovlev Design Bureau already had a great experience in creating aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability, such as the Yak-36 and Yak-38 

It the early 1990s Lockheed Martin entered into partnership with Yakovlev Design Bureau for further development of this aircraft. Results of this partnership is unknown, however Lockheed Martin possibly used experience gained from this project developing their own F-35 multi-role fighter.

In the near future USA will operate a large number of F-35B Lightining II stealth multi-role fighters with supersonic speed and vertical take-off and landing capability, but propulsion system of the F-35B is very similar to that of the Yak-141, developed more than 20 years ago.

Some sources report that in 1996 a prototype of the Yak-141 engine was sold to China. Also it is reported that in 1998 Russia transferred technology related to the engine nozzle. It is possible that in the near future China will also develop a VTOL aircraft, based on the Yak-141 technology<--!!!