Saturday, February 25, 2017

Antonov An-74

AN-72 STOL light military-transport jet

The AN-72 is a STOL light military-transport jet. It was designed with engines located under a wing to use such called “Coand effect” that is increase of the lift due to “adhesion” of the exhaust stream to the wing surface. It differs with a highly mechanized wing having a straight wing center section and tapered outer wing panels with a straight trailing edge. It is equipped with the extra effective reversal of the ladle type, a cargo door with a ramp in a tail section of the hermetic fuselage and powerful landing gear with an independent suspension of the main struts that gave passability of the off-road vehicle to the AN-72.

A crew consists of two pilots and a flight engineer. The AN-72 became the first and the only domestic military-transport airplane whose crew doesn’t have a navigator.
The AN-72/74 are the only in the world jet ramp transport airplanes with cargo capacity of 7.5-10 t launched in series.
On August 31, 1977 the AN-72 first took-off from Svyatoshin airfield, Kiev.
On basis of a basic version such modifications were developed:
- AN-74 – deep modification with elongation of the wing and fuselage;
- AN-71 and AN-72P - deep modifications with a special radio technical equipment;
- АN-72П – patrol one with the gun armament; - Ан-72В – navigator’s;
- АN-72ПС – search and rescue;
- АN-72ГР– cargo;
- АN-72С– “cabin” (anaircraft for provision of activity of the different staffs);
- АN-72-100 – transport version;
- АN-72-100Д – businessversionwiththecabin for14 seats and cargo cabin for 2.3 t of cargo.
Airplanes of the AN-72 family have been manufactured in series in Kharkov at KAPA (now KSAMC) since 1985. 102 units are built.
At present the airplane is widely used by the airlines in many countries of the world.