Tuesday, February 14, 2017

FUNCHAL-Madeira Approach, LIVE ATC, Checklists, MovMap, 4K

This video shows the approach into Funchal-Madeira airport, starting at 5000ft. You can here and see Airbus standard operating procedures and checklists and LIVE ATC in the background giving clearances. 

Funchal-Madeira Airport is on the list of the 10 most dangerous airports in the world. Winds chasing down the mountain accumulate to sudden strong crosswinds which can be hazardous for the pilot, making it ever so difficult to keep the plane aligned with the runway. 

The airport is a "Captains Landing ONLY", so the pilot needs to have special training in a simulator and an actual check flight with a supervisor and then has to fly there on a regular basis to keep the license current for this airport. 
Routing: Following the STAR (Standard Arrival Route) LIDRO 5A RNAV ending at waypoint ABUSU, then arrival chart VOR DMD 05 Circling (in video) and then arrival chart VOR DME 05 (Visual-in video). 
source www.flywithcaptainjoe.com