Sunday, March 5, 2017

R-330ZH EW ---> Muting satellites

The station is designed to solve the following tasks: detection, direction finding and jamming wearable mobile stations of mobile satellite communications Inmarsat and Iridium, detection, direction finding and jamming base stations of cellular communication standard GSM 1900 consumer navigation equipment jamming of satellite communications systems NAVSTAR (GPS)
The product can operate in stand-alone mode as well as in the conjugate pair, both master and slave under the control of the complex R-330ZH. Though listed above which the signal is suppressed by one hundred percent within 20-30 km from the operating station. Its communication is also suppressed because of oppression before turning on the radio communication between the units is transmitted prearranged signal that alerts the complete radio silence and turn off the radio communications. The signal is transmitted through the inclusion of a wired link, means of messengers, etc.