Sunday, March 26, 2017

what is the chevron nozzle?

If you look at these engines nozzle, you will see zig-zag curves. Such a type of nozzle is known as chevron nozzle.

Aerospace companies are trying very hard to reduce the amount of noise produced due to an aircraft engine.
So to reduce such type of noise Chevron nozzles are used.
Chevron nozzle forces air flow coming out of bypass duct to concentrate at each pointed section of the nozzle. -->This reduces sudden mixing of two airflows. And reduce noise.

Sometimes double chevron nozzles are used. In this case for both the air flow, one coming out of combustion chamber & other coming out of bypass duct will have chevron nozzle.But in this case, both the nozzles will have pointed section at an alternate location.

 So that air flows won't mix & produce noise. Boeing 747 have double Chevron Nozzle.
But Chevron nozzle reduces the efficiency of an engine by the small amount.