Tuesday, May 30, 2017

could the modern anti-tank weapons destroy the T-14 ARMATA?

The expert of the internationsa institute for strategic studies London Brig Ben Barry believes that modern antitank weapons used by NATO were ineffective against Russian tank  T-14 ARMATA !!!! according to the broadcasting company of BBC.

New Russian tank T-14 is equipped  with a complex of active protection system (APS) "Afghani"{ previous article in blog for  APS system arena-m} which can physically destroy any missiles and take them down!!!! 

APS destroy missiles and take them down
Radio-optical radar "Afghanica" consists of four active phased array antennas that warn about approaching missiles and all types of anti-tank missiles and rockets, including handheld weapons such as rocket propelled grenades .The jamming system knocks the trajectory of the missiles and through blocking lasers and radar and using smokescreen... 

The Afghanit APS includes four sets of 12 launch tubes, two at the rear left side of the turret, and one on each rear top side of the turret. At the base of each side of the turret are five large and fixed horizontally arrayed launch tubes covering the 120° frontal arc of the turret.

 This tubes could launched unguided projectiles with HE warhead to counter incoming anti-tank guided missiles or RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade). The Afghanit APS also includes two types of sensors mounted around the T-14's turret. Two large sensors, believed to be electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR)-based laser warning receivers, are angularly mounted on the front of the turret providing 180° coverage, while four smaller sensors (covered but believed to be radars) are mounted around the turret providing 360° coverage. 

The T-14 tank mounts two active protection assemblies on both sides of the turret. Covered by passive armor for ballistic protection, these modules integrate the Afghanit sensor (trapezoidal unit), five hard-kill launch tubes mounted at the turret’s base, two peripheral cameras and flat (possibly covered) sensor, likely radar coupled with the soft-kill system. Some sources indicate these sensors are derived from AESA radar technology developed and implemented on the Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter jet. The rotatable soft-kill launcher containing 12 cartridges can be seen above, mounted on a rotating pedestal.

According to barry , such a system poses a threat to an entire generation of anti-tank guns,including the supply U.S missile systems Javelin.Barry believes that the NATO countries and almost non-existent real discussion of this problem.
Some countries are conducting studies and tests to equip their tanks with active protection system."But i think they miss the uncomfortable conclusion about their own antitank potential,"-said the expert

"..believes that Nato countries should takes steps to improve the system of anti-tank defense..."

According to experts Norway has allocated funds for the replacement of missile systems to maintain the ability to fight against heavy armor !!!!!!!

1.Enemy launches weapon at tank
2.Sensors detect incoming threat
3.Tracking radar calculates impact point
4.Active Protection System launches countermeasure
5.Countermeasure destroys target