Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Il-38N maritime patrol aircraft

The Ilyushin Il-38N is an upgraded, more capable version of the Russian Navy's Il-38 anti-submarine warfare aircraft. The new version is also capable of carrying out electronic intelligence (ELINT) missions. Besides, these aircraft can be used for mapping the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Northern Ice sea, and also for conducting scientific oceanographic research and underwater and air reconnaissance.

The Il-38N is fitted with the Novella sensor package which dramatically expands the combat capabilities of the aircraft against underwater, surface and airborne targets. The new sensor includes radar, high resolution thermal imaging system, a magnetic anomaly detection system, an electro-optical detection system (including laser, TV and thermal channels), gravitational anomaly detector and other equipment. The radar has a maximum detection range of 320 kilometers. According to the Russian Navy's public statements the majority of surviving Il-38 aircraft will be upgraded to the Il-38N configuration. The first Il-38N aircraft was introduced into service by the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet in early March 2012. The Indian Navy ordered the upgrade of five aircraft to the Il-38SD standard in 2001 with deliveries between 2006 and 2010